The Fantasticks

Mar 23, 2016 - May 1, 2016

Venue: Pollock Stage

Music Direction by Samuel Clein, with Dr. Beverly Wesner-Hoehn as Principal Harpist

Book & Lyrics by Tom Jones, Music by Harvey Schmidt

Starring: Jerry Lee as El Gallo, Joshua Durfey as Matt, Monique Ward Lonergan/Courtney Shannon as Luisa, Amanda Goldrick as Hucklebee, Michael Coleman as Bellomy, Gary S. Martinez as Henry, Tara Henry as The Mute

Directed By: Melanie Smith

Running Time: 2 Hours, 10 Minutes, Including Intermission

Parental Guidance: Appropriate for All Ages (No Children Under 4)

Community Partnership: Ubuntu Green

2:00pm 7:00pm 6:30pm 6:30pm 8:00pm 2:00pm 8:00pm


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Michael Coleman (Bellomy), Amanda Goldrick (Hucklebee), Joshua Durfey (Matt), Monique Ward Lonergan (Luisa), & Jerry Lee (El Gallo)

Preview performances March 23 – March 26; Opening night is March 26.

The world’s longest-running musical, which debuted off-Broadway in 1960, concerns a wall and the two families on either side. The narrator, El Gallo, asks the audience to use their imaginations and enter a world of moonlight and magic where the two parents trick their children into falling in love by pretending to be staunch foes. The parents stage a mock abduction, setting the scene for a heroic rescue, but when the children discover the deception, uncertainties arise.

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Monique Ward Lonergan as Louisa & Joshua Durfey as Matt

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Jerry Lee as El Gallo, Amanda Goldrick as Hucklebee, & Michael Coleman as Bellomy

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Gary S. Martinez as Henry & Jerry Lee as El Gallo


Jerry Lee as El Gallo, Monique Ward Lonergan as Louisa, Joshua Durfey as Matt, Gary S. Martinez as Henry, & Tara Henry as Mortimer