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Man of la mancha (2018)

“In assembling his actors, director/choreographer Michael Jenkinson did well to find 14 true triple-threat performers who can all act, sing and dance — not just adequately but quite impressively — as they alternate between the real-world dungeon and Quixote’s fantasy settings.” – Mitchel Benson, The Sacramento Bee Read Review

“Vettel has the ability to transform himself into the idealistic Don Quixote with a mere change in the look in his eyes, and to return to the person of Cervantes just as easily. It’s an amazing feat!” – Bev Sykes, Davis Enterprise Read Review

Mothers and sons (2018)

“This is a piece that will make you think and challenge you to reach out to your marginalized neighbor, coworker, or family member and ask how you can support them. It will make you remember that time is fleeting and that the biggest gift that you can give someone is to love them for who they are.” – Courtney Symes, Broadway World Read Review

“Director Bill Zarriello does a good job keeping the conversation “in the moment” for the audience.” – Jeff Hudson, Capital Public Radio Read Review

Macbeth (2018)

Macbeth is plenty powerful when read on page, but it of course reaches its full expression when performed on stage. Sacramento Theatre Company’s stunning new production pays proper tribute to the tragedy with a talented cast and near-magical use of 21st-century theater lighting, sound and set design, all adding to an captivating experience.” – Mitchel Benson, The Sacramento Bee Read Review

“Sacramento Theatre Company has given us a not-surprising excellent production, continuing its commitment to bringing Shakespeare to a new generation of theatergoers.” – Bev Sykes, Davis Enterprise Read Review

Kings of America (2017)

“There are times when theater can be a therapeutic escape from the day’s troubles and challenges. But Sacramento’s theater companies have been extraordinarily topical as of late, producing dramas that serve as an echo chamber to reflect rather than deflect contemporary concerns.” Mitchel Benson, The Sacramento Bee Read Review

“Sacramento Theatre Company is a regional treasure, unique in the fact that they support and develop local talent. Each season they produce an original work by an area artist. Their 2017-18 season theme of Fate, Fantasy and Forgiveness currently features a play by Sacramento native Sean Patrick Nill entitled Kings of America.” Courtney Symes, Broadway World Read Review

“And, yes, the production works to highlight—and then question—our tendency to glorify or vilify those occupying the office of the US presidency, depending on our own ideological biases.” Dave Kempa, Voices: River City Read Review

The diary of anne frank (2017)

“This production highlights the strengths of Sacramento Theatre’s commitment to blending seasoned professional actors with participants in its Young Professionals Conservatory. (Each of the three teenage roles will be shared by two youth conservatory members throughout the run.)” Mitchel Benson, The Sacramento Bee Read Review

“Maddy Wood shines in her role as an effervescent Anne Frank. She shows an understanding beyond her 14 years by capturing the playfulness and childlike curiosity that Anne shows in her early diary entries, while seguing to a more mature Anne towards the end of the play.” Courtney Symes, Broadway World Read Review

THe Donner Party (2017)

“Having a strong male cast in musical theatre is always a treat to see, and Michael RJ Campbell as James Reed and Jerry Lee as George Donner showed off powerhouse vocals (Wagon’s Roll) as well as impeccable acting.” Courtney Symes, Broadway World Read Review

“By the third song, ‘Wagons Roll,’ most audience members will likely be holding their breath, whispering ‘Wow!'” Bev Sykes, Sacramento News & Review Read Review

The Tempest (2017)

“Aaron Galligan-Stierle directs the intricate story in a way that makes it all easily understood and enjoyed despite its sometimes dense language and complicated cast of characters” Jim Carnes, Sacramento News & Review Read Review

“All in all, there are many lovely discoveries to enjoy in this production of ‘The Tempest.'” Jeff Hudson, Capital Public Radio Read Review

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (2017)

“It boasts a heck of a cast, giving its all. Melinda Parrett, Jennifer Morrison, David Crane and Jake Mahler play a variety of characters in various pairings and each has a fine voice.” Jim Carnes, Sacramento Press Read Review

Cinderella (2016)

“With the brilliant Michael RJ Campbell reprising his role as wicked stepmother Mrs. Badden-Rotten, and a cast of irresistible characters led by the worst stepsisters ever (deliciously over-the-top performances by Emily Serdahl and Brandi Lacy) and a quirky Good Fairy (Miranda D. Lawson), this is sure to be a hit with audiences.” Bev Sykes, Sacramento News & Review Read Review

To Kill a Mockingbird (2016)

“With solid acting and tense courtroom scenes this production is made even more compelling thanks to the original music performed by its lead characters. It’s a classic story from the Old South that can still hold contemporary audiences spellbound.” Jeff Hudson, Capital Public Radio Read Review

“Here director Buddy Butler’s production effectively engages its audience through the fine, gentle performances of the veterans [Sam] Misner and [Megan Pearl] Smith, and the cheeky composure of [Fiona] Gillogly.” Marcus Crowder, Sacramento Bee Read Review

HOUND_ARCH_20160429_078The Hound of the Baskervilles (2016)

“What elevates this production even more is its imaginative set, colorful costumes and captivating lighting and sound elements that transport the audience from the streets of London to the dark parlors and foggy moors of a spooky and mysterious English countryside.” Patti Roberts, Sacramento News & Review Read Review

TWELFTH_ARCH2_20160311_155Twelfth Night (2016)

“A romantic comedy streaked with melancholy, the play moves from tragedy to celebration in a beautifully performed new production at Sacramento Theatre Company, which captures the robust comic spirit of the play and often unveils its divided soul.” Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee Read Review

KITES_ARCHIVE_20151204_289Of Kites and Kings (2015)

“This show has a lot of humor without being a comedy. It has a lot of serious situations without being a drama, and it discusses a bit of history without being a historical drama. What it is is a fun evening of theater by a top-notch cast.” Bev Sykes, Davis Enterprise Read Review

PIRATES_ARCH_20150515_142The Pirates of Penzance (2015)

“This show is so tightly directed and so exquisitely choreographed… I’ve been following Gilbert & Sullivan around the world for some 40 years and I think this ranks up there as one of the best productions of ‘Pirates of Penzance’ that I have seen.” Bev Sykes, Davis Enterprise Read Review

The Whipping Man (2015)

“…[T]he imaginative set, costumes, lighting and sound effects of The Whipping Man all work seamlessly together to capture a time, place and people haunted by their past, present and imagined future.” Patti Roberts, Sacramento News & Review Read Review

Julius Caesar (2015)

“Co-directors Kirk Blackinton and Brian Harrower… conceived this modern adaptation that revels in Shakespeare’s words but juices the tragedy with enough technical savvy (excellent sound effects and inventive slow-motion action) to make it even more compelling. ” Jim Carnes, Sacramento News & Review Read Review

STC Nunsense D

KATE (2014)

“[Janis Stevens] exudes Hepburn’s indomitable spirit without trying to become a caricature. She doesn’t just play Hepburn, she is Hepburn. Treat yourself to this once-in-a-lifetime performance. You won’t be sorry.” Bev Sykes, Davis Enterprise Read Review

Wrath 3The Grapes of Wrath (2014)

“This robust production – combining good acting, a classic American saga, and stylish new songs – makes for a solid evening of live theater.” Jeff Hudson, Capital Public Radio Read Review




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