A Message from Our Board of Directors,

STC’s School of the Arts has built a reputation for excellence that is recognized nation-wide. This season STC is taking advantage of the opportunity to strengthen its foundation, especially in education and ensure that STC remains strong well into the future. We are extremely fortunate to have this time to evaluate what has worked in the past and what will work best heading into the future.

For the 2023/2024 season STC is doubling down on a commitment to grow the School of the Arts. We are building on the strength and talents of our teaching artists and expanding our class offerings including adult classes which have been extremely popular. STC is intent on improving the flexibility of the curriculum to provide opportunities for students of all ages. So, while STC is taking some time to evaluate its full production plan, this season STC is producing the youth series and our new Artistry Series (further discussed below).

As noted, in addition to our 2023/2024 Youth Series productions STC will be offering performance opportunities for professional actors and artists, as well as students through our new “Artistry Series” which revitalizes and expands our popular Cabaret Series to include acting, dancing and music. The size and scale of these productions will increase and will also include a holiday production. Stay tuned for soon to come dates and much more detail.

You may have seen the recent article speculating about the future of STC in a negative way – rest assured, STC has been here for more than 75 years and is, again, taking the time to make sure to be around for 75 more! And as we take this time, our commitment to our students remains unwavered. STC just finished its wildly successful run of “Rock of Ages: Teen Edition” in the historic Eagle Theatre, and our summer camps have been selling out and running strong. We have no plans to close our doors.

Theaters across America are facing many challenges. Theaters that succeed in addressing those challenges are ones that take the time to understand their past, assess their present and plan for their future which may, in many cases, look different. The most important services that STC provides to our community are education and training of students, coordination with and support of other non-profits and entertainment of those who attend STC productions. We thank you for your support of STC and the services it provides and ask for that support to continue as STC enhances the services to be an even greater asset to our community.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.

Thank you,
Betsy Wood, Interim STC Executive Director and President of the STC Board of Directors