Our First Steps Towards Change

Our efforts to produce a New Works Festival were postponed after we heard concerns about our approach to the selection of works and playwrights, production, and inclusion of others. We listened, we apologize, and we will rework our approach. We also understand that this misstep has brought to light a more expansive concern about issues of racism, sexual and racial harassment, and the inherent privilege at the core of STC, theatre, and performing arts everywhere. We look to you, our community, as we listen to the change you want to see. We will begin our efforts by bringing together the voices in the community as we strive to ensure that STC is committed to diversified and inclusive programming. We will begin with our first commitment from the Board. We, the Board, are completing inclusion and diversity training along with staff and will commit to adding more diversity, equity, and inclusion to our Board, staff, programs, and productions. We will falter and make mistakes as we continue our commitment to change in the community and within STC itself but we want to hear from you about the ways we can change and how to be better. We hear you, we see you and we are listening. STC commits to changing for you, for ourselves, and for our community’s marginalized voices and we thank you for your courage to point out our shortcomings.

If you are interested in discussing changes you would like to see at STC, please email Executive Director, Michael Laun, at launm@sactheatre.org to set up a time to chat.