Our Core Values

Everything we do at STC radiates from our passion for the arts and our commitment to sharing our passion of the arts with our entire community. We value diversity in all aspects of our lives and continue to educate ourselves about different communities and cultures while we strive to listen and share different stories from different cultures. We are intentionally engaging our community as partners to address systemic inequities and are committed to providing a safe environment for BIPOC, AAPI, LatinX, LGBTQIA++, people with disabilities, and any other community, marginalized or not, in which we can all share, learn, grow and perfect our craft. We commit to being fiscally responsible and utilizing our  influence and resources to spend equitably and imbed inclusive actions into our culture. The people on our stages, our students, our teachers and those employed at STC reflect the students and patrons that we serve. We create environments that engage all to feel part of the STC family where everyone feels safe, respected and welcomed in our community.