Planned Giving & STC Foundation


If you would like to make a lasting difference, consider making STC a part of your will or estate planning. These Foundation gifts keep giving for the long-term, because they become part of STC’s endowment fund.

Your gift directed to STC’s education programs for young people could pay for scholarships to dozens of deserving students in the future. Or your gift can help the Foundation support STC with a lasting source of funds to support visiting artists, production staff or general programming that will help keep STC alive and growing for generations to come.

STC’s Foundation is a separate, non-profit corporation that provides long-term financial support to STC so it can enhance and expand its artistic and education projects and its service to the Sacramento community. With the help of professional advisors, the Foundation funds are invested to generate growth and income. So your contribution remains in the Foundation endowment fund and the money earned on your contribution, rather than the principal, is used to support STC.

Gifts to the STC Foundation are tax-deductible, like contributions to other 501(c)(3) organizations. They can be made in several ways: cash, appreciated securities, gifts of retirement funds, or from charitable trusts.

For additional information on how to make a gift to the Foundation, please call Michael Laun, Executive Producing Director, at 916.446.7501 ext. 109 or email

STC Foundation Board

Dan Brunner

Linda J. Clifford

Susan K. Edling

Joe Genshlea

Cynthia Larsen

Cynthia Ward

Carol Wieckowski Dreyer